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Single Quantum Eos

Are you looking for a customized solution of single photon detector?

High performance and versatility.

Single Quantum Eos can be optimized for users’ needs to help them succeed in their top-notch experiments.

The system is designed for applications in quantum information technology, quantum communication and quantum cryptography, infrared time-resolved spectroscopy, laser ranging, and remote sensing.


What are the best specifications achievable with Single Quantum SNSPDs?

Single Quantum provides the fastest and most sensitive single photon detectors on the market.

A standard Single Quantum Eos has the capacity of up to 24 fiber-coupled detectors and each can be optimized for a specific wavelength from visible to mid-IR.

To reach the best time resolution, we provide Single Quantum’s ultra-low noise cryogenic amplifiers. In addition, we offer multipixel solutions for photon number resolution (PNR) and to increase the count rate to the range of several hundreds of MHz.

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