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TeleQKD line

Single photon detectors for industrial QKD systems

Enabling quantum communication

How to keep your data safe with quantum technology?

Data security is of paramount importance, but how can this be guaranteed?

One of the most promising approach to ensure a secure communication is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), a quantum cryptography method to produce and share encryption keys.  Moreover, quantum internet can enable sending and receiving quantum bits (qubits) over a large network, paving the way to cloud quantum computing.

Here, single photon detection is the key enabling technology.

In particular, Single Quantum SNSPDs prove to be ideal for QKD and quantum internet applications, due to their outstanding performance [1,2,3].

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Our TeleQKD line

How to create a QKD link from Amsterdam to Berlin?

From QKD to quantum internet, Single Quantum provides the best solutions optimized for your communication network. Metropolitan areas could be connected with a distance of hundreds of kilometers, as demonstrated by Toshiba in 2017, 2019 and 2024 with a Single Quantum system.

2024 Press release

Our Tele-QKD SNSPDs alleviate potential bottlenecks in photon detection that limit communication networks, ensuring easy integration in research labs as well as industrial settings. What are the special features?

  • High efficiency & low noise single photon detection 
  • Low timing jitter and no after-pulsing, maintaining low quantum bit error rate (QBER) over long distances
  • High detector count rate for high secret key rate (SKR)
  • Compact, stackable and rack-mountable system
  • Optimal for industrial QKD applications
  • Automated cooldown and continuous operation 
  • Plug and play!

Shaping our digital future

Want to collaborate with us on the industrial level or for a research project?

Establishing a secure quantum communication infrastructure is by no means a single entity’s task: we believe it is a collective endeavor.

Because of this, we are members of the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure (EuroQCI) initiative, and we are supporting other members in their commitment to their initiatives [1,2,3], by offering our detection systems as well as complete QKD solutions through collaborations with industrial partners.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!