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A "cool" environment for our SNSPDs

Single Quantum’s SNSPDs require a temperature of about 2.5 Kelvin, well below the critical temperature of the superconducting nanowire. This low temperature is achieved by using the so-called Gifford-McMahon refrigeration cycle, which requires a two-stage closed-cycle cold head and a Helium compressor.

The design ensures continuous operation of more than 10,000 hours  with no need for liquid helium, offering a convenient and ready-to-use solution for your optical measurements.


Single Quantum Eos

Our flagship product

Single Quantum Eos provide a comprehensive measurement solution, including

  • an 8- or 24- channels closed-cycle cryostat
  • a dedicated electronic driver
  • a helium compressor

There are three different compressor options: attocube IGLU, Sumitomo F-20L and Sumitomo CNA-11.

Maintenance of the cold head and compressor is important! The cold head requires maintenance after 10,000 – 15,000 hours of operation and the compressor requires maintenance after every 30,000 hours of operation.

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Single Quantum Eos R12

A rack-mountable SNSPD system

Single Quantum Eos R12  is our new compact SNSPD system, featuring:

  • up to 12 detection channels
  • compact dimensions of 130 mm x 610 mm x 438 mm (H x D x W)
  • 19’’ rack mountable (3U in height)

Furthermore, the whole system including the driver and the compressor can be as compact as 11U, making it ideal for industrial applications such as quantum communication.

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Single Quantum SQCam™ 

SNSPD array for free-space imaging

SNSPDs do not always have to be coupled to optical fibers! Single Quantum provides a free-space coupling solution, SQCam™. It comprises a cryostat with an optical window, which can host an SNSPD array.

This system provides:

  • low noise environment for photon detection
  • ample space allocated for auxiliary components
  • the capability to host an SNSPD array of up to 48 pixels

SQCam™ is suitable for a variety of applications such as bio-imaging and deep-space optical communication.

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attocube IGLU

A compact and mobile He compressor

attocube IGLU is the newest product added to the fleet of He compressors you can choose from.

This innovative compressor saves the users from the hassle of cooling water and high-power requirements, thus overcoming extensive infrastructure requirements which had been compulsory in cryogenics applications so far.

Discover its advantages:

  • autonomous from special infrastructure: air cooled, low heat generation (1kW), single phase
  • truly compact & mobile: 19” rack compatible, orientation-free operation
  • smart, autonomous & sustainable: fully adjustable power, ethernet control

IGLU is compatible with Single Quantum Eos, Eos R12 and SQ Cam. Combined with Eos R12, IGLU provides the most compact rack-mountable solution on the market.

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