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Gated SNSPDs

On-off operation

Gated superconducting single photon detectors

Enhance your signal-to-noise ratio with high precision filtering

In applications where background noise reduction and temporal filtering are crucial, the swift activation and deactivation of the photon detectors are often needed. Additionally, in experiments involving resonant-excitation-collection, fast gating can be a game-changer for filtering out undesired photons, eliminating the need for cross-polarization techniques and their inherent losses.

Single Quantum has developed fast gated SNSPD, which allows full restoration of the efficiency within a time frame ranging from merely nanoseconds to several tens of nanoseconds. It is the perfect choice for cutting-edge experiments which require rapid temporal filtering with flexible photon detection window.

Fast gated SNSPDs are particularly advantageous in applications such as fluorescence spectroscopy, single-photon LiDAR, quantum communication, telecommunications and microscopy.


  • Available as an add-on
  • Enhanced SNR
  • Fast turn on/off time
  • Different gating speeds available
  • Dark count reduction
  • Excitation filtering

The fastest solution on the market

How does it work?

Our detectors are controlled using an external waveform generator that provides a square gate to the SNSPD. Given the inductive nature of the device, the turn-on time is not instantaneous. Consequently, the time required to restore full efficiency becomes the determining factor for the operational speed of the gated SNSPD.

Single Quantum offers a range of gating speeds, coupled with high efficiency and minimal timing jitter, to effectively address the physical limitations of SNSPDs.

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