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Interleaved SNSPDs

Photon number resolving and ultra-high count rate detectors

The technology

Interleaved Multipixel SNSPDs

For applications that require high-speed or photon-number resolution, interleaved multipixel superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors are the best choice.  Single Quantum developed multipixel detectors based on interleaved nanowires, with all the pixels running independently.

Because of their multipixel nature, the interleaved detectors are much faster: each pixel can reach full efficiency recovery after only 4 ns at 1550 nm.

The fastest SNSPDs – only limited by the laws of physics.

Key features

With interleaved SNSPDs, Single Quantum demonstrated > 80 % efficiency at 1550 nm, full efficiency recovery after 4 ns, and  -3 dB efficiency point at 1.6 GHz count rate along with an outstanding timing jitter < 18 ps and dark count rate < 100 Hz.

Moreover, such detector technology enable fast on-off gating at unprecedented ns time-scales and becomes particularly interesting in applications where good noise reduction and temporal resolution are a must have.

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Main applications

  • Quantum State Analysis
  • Photon Sources Characterization
  • Photonic Quantum Computing
  • Fast QKD
  • Lidar & Metrology
  • Imaging

Photon number resolving (PNR) detectors

Photon number resolving (PNR) detectors have the ability to distinguish the number of arriving photons.

The multipixel approach with interleaved detectors is based on the parallel landing and readout of photons onto a detector array whose pixels are uniformly illuminated. With 4 pixels you can simultaneously detect up to 4 photons at the same time.

Interleaved detectors are also very convenient to characterize the single photon source purity, as shown in our publication on ACS Photonics.

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Ultra-high dynamic range detectors

Faster imaging with more details

Providing a wide dynamic range, interleaved detectors proved to be ideal for imaging applications, where it is important to have a linear response for quantitative analysis.

A revolution in the bio-imaging market.

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