Scientific excellence for your experiments

Three product lines of SNSPDs for a comprehensive range: from Single Pixels to Multimode, compact rack-mountable systems, PNR, Ultra-high count rate detectors and more

Excellence line

For scientists who need the very best to excel

Single Quantum Eos is the flagship product of Single Quantum, and can be optimized for users' needs to help them succeed in their top-notch experiments. The system is designed for research in quantum information technology, quantum communication, photonic quantum computing and QKD, infrared time-resolved spectroscopy, laser ranging, and remote sensing.

TeleQKD line

Single photon detectors for industrial QKD systems

One of the most promising approach to ensure a secure communication is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), a quantum cryptography method to produce and share encryption keys.  Moreover, quantum internet can enable sending and receiving quantum bits (qubits) over a large network, paving the way to cloud quantum computing. Here, single photon detection is the key enabling technology.

Imaging line

Near-infrared range to see deeper and better

SNSPDs contribute to the pursuit of seeing deeper into biological tissue. In particular, Single Quantum SNSPDs prove to be ideal for photon detection in the SWIR and are the only detector technology that is sensitive enough to cover the range from 1000 to 2000 nm.