Quantum Key Distribution

Superconducting Single Photon Detectors to enable faster and safer telecommunication

Latest news: untappable internet for Port of Rotterdam offered by quantum technology


Near-InfraRed range to see deeper in the biological tissue

Revolutionary new light sensing solution with the FastMOT project

Space Communication

Fast and reliable Deep Space and Low Orbit Satellite Communication

Proud to be part of a groundbreaking project for the upcoming NASA Psyche mission

Photonic Quantum Computing

Advancing Quantum Computing through Ultrafast Single-Photon Detection

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Infrared spectroscopy

Infrared Spectroscopy and Diffusion Correlation Spectroscopy with high-efficiency and low jitter detection

Interstitial null-distance time-domain diffuse optical spectroscopy with SNSPD

LIDAR and atmospheric measurements

Push the Limits of LIDAR Range with best-in-class timing jitter and single photon sensitivity

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Unlock limitless potential with SNSPDs applications.

Our Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors (SNSPDs) offer unparalleled detection efficiency and time resolution, making them ideal for quantum communication, cryptography, infrared fluorescence spectroscopy, laser ranging, and more.

Single Quantum free-space coupled SNSPD

Experience the future of secure and ultra-fast data transfer, safeguard sensitive information with advanced cryptography, and explore hidden insights in infrared fluorescence spectroscopy. Elevate laser ranging to new levels of precision and revolutionize industries like biomedical research and telecommunications.

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